Archer Update For FS2004*

(*Also known as Flight Simulator 9, or "FS9")

Be sure to read the instructions included with the Archer Update (.PDF format) . These instructions explain how to install the Archer to FS2004 / Flight Simulator 9, which must first be done before you install the update!

These instructions also include information on how to move any custom Text-o-Matic paint schemes for the Archer from FS2002 to FS2004.

NOTE: Installation of the Archer to FS2004 will be from either your Archer download file or your CD-ROM.

What is in the update?

Not very much, as the Archer was very much compatible with FS2004 when it was first released. However, the following has changed:

1. The FS2002 default GPS has been replaced with the Garmin® GPS 500 moving map GPS that comes standard with FS2004.

2. Gauge sounds have been updated to comply with the latest standards of Direct X 9, which is required by FS2004. We have also added open /close cabin door sounds, and the Turn Coordinator gyro sounds (these gyro sounds are barely audible in the real Archer, but some folks asked for them, so we added them!)

3. That's it!

Download the Archer FS9 update here


Did you lose the product key for your Archer? Get a replacement one here:

Flight One Software Replacement Key Page










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