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One of the most popular general aviation aircraft in the world, the Piper Archer II is our current light aircraft product. For those of you who enjoyed flying our Cessnas, you will be in for quite a treat with the Archer, as this is not just any Archer, but perhaps the most famous Archer in the flight simulation world: N8439T, a 1982 Archer II, and the personal aircraft of Nels Anderson, web master of FlightSim.com, the world's largest flight simulation web site.

What the Archer includes...

High quality aircraft model, designed in Gmax®, including a complete virtual cockpit and cabin, 2D interior views, and accurate flight dynamics.

DreamFleet's "Nikon Quality" photo realistic graphics for the main instrument panel, and the option of having complete photo realistic 2D interior views to go with your 3D virtual cockpit views if you so desire.

Complete and detailed instrumentation, with almost every feature of the Archer simulated. The gauges will contain some novel, new features, that will enhance functionality, and panel ergonomics; another "DreamFleet First"! Even the radio stack is a sight to behold, and it features a faithful recreation of the Archer's single axis Century 21 autopilot, or you can opt for the 2 axis, default Bendix-King autopilot.

Text-O-Matic, for creating your own paint schemes, and "Config-O-Matic".

Rest assured there will be no other Archer quite like ours. DreamFleet's Louis Betti is a 15+ year Piper pilot, who used to fly the Archer's bigger brother, the PA-28-235 "Pathfinder", and now flies an Archer II. He, along with Nels Anderson will ensure that this Archer is as close to the real thing as you can get!


The official flight controls of DreamFleet- The best there is!


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