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Available in two versions to fit your budget!
"Baron 58 with Reality XP" and "Baron 58 Lite"

Here's what "Warren", the owner of a real Baron 58 had to say:

"I can't stay away from this plane! Having recently started using Microsoft Flight Simulator, your Baron has been a blessing. I was first using the included Baron, but I quickly forgot about it once I began testing yours.Yours is so close to the real one I fly, in every respect, that it has become a great aid to me in keeping sharp with instrument procedures, etc. Yesterday I used it to fly a flight I would be making in my Baron the next day; a flight to an airport I had never visited. Your Baron proved ideal, and when I made the real flight the next day my comfort level was much higher, especially with the approach in relatively poor weather. From the look, feel, sounds, and flying qualities, your Baron is just what I need to keep sharp. I can't thank you enough for it!"  Warren - Unsolicited remarks received on July 27, 2005



The "Twin A36"

For those who own our Beech A36, our Beech Baron will feel like a comfortable shoe. Why? Because the Baron 58 is based on the Beech A36. If you step inside a Baron, and do not notice the dual throttles and engine gauges, you might think you are in a Beech A36, or vice-versa; that is how similar (in most cases identical) they are on the inside.

Indeed, the Baron started life as little more than a twin-engine design based on the venerable single engine Beech Bonanza. This first "Baron" was actually named the Travel Air, and it's fuselage essentially came right from the single engine version.

Later, Beech revamped the Travel Air, and created the first Baron, the "55" series. Again, sharing the fuselage of the single engine Bonanza line.

Finally, when Beech introduced the stretched-fuselage A36, the Baron followed along, and the Baron 58 was born.

DreamFleet's Baron 58 actually started life at the same time as our Beech A36, in the spring of 2004, with the A36 taking the lead for release first.

Unlike the A36, for the Baron 58 we examined two, late model Barons, a 1999 and a 2000 model, took the "best of both" and created the DreamFleet Baron 58.

Copyright © 2000-2006 By Louis J. Betti & DreamFleet 2000, all rights reserved.

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