REVISED Cardinal Orientation Manual for 177B and 177RG FS2002 & FS2004
A must have! Complete information on the Cardinal as it pertains to use in FS2002 and FS2004. Learn about the panel, gauges, aircraft, GPS, Config-o-Matic, Text-o-Matic, and much more. Also includes performance / weight & balance charts for both the 177B and 177RG. Manual is in Adobe PDF format.
Click here to download the Orientation Manual (12.16 mb) 135 pages

Manuel d'Orientation du Cardinal en Français (French Translation)

Traduction intégrale du manuel d'orientation du Cardinal 177 B et 177 RG en français. Traduction effectuée par Papalima77.

Cliquez ici pour télécharger le manuel en français

The following are separate downloads of the performance charts for those who desire them.

Cardinal Performance Charts for 177B

Aircraft performance charts and weight and balance charts for the 177B Cardinal. Charts are in Adobe PDF format.

Click here to download the 177B Performance Charts (2.0 mb)

Cardinal Performance Charts for 177RG

Aircraft performance charts and weight and balance charts for the 177RG Cardinal. Charts are in Adobe PDF format.

Click here to download the 177RG Performance Charts (2.95 mb)

NOTE: While the Cardinal we have produced contains an after market turbocharger installation, these charts are for the normally aspirated version, and no charts are available for the turbo version. Plan your flights using these charts, then take advantage of the added performance the turbocharger offers.


177B / 177RG Texture Template for use with Text-o-Matic*

Revised to include 177RG details (11-27-02) See note below*

Repaint 84 Charlie in any paint scheme you desire with this easy-to-use Photoshop ® texture template, then create a new aircraft sporting it using the ever-popular Text-o-Matic! This template is a Photoshop document, but should also work with later versions of Paint Shop Pro. It was saved using Photoshop 4.0, and this should ensure compatibility with newer versions of Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

The template contains 4 texture sections, for use with the fuselage, wings, and most of the aircraft's interior.

Click on the image below to download (file size: 10.9 mb)

*Can my exisiting texture templates for the 177B be used for the RG, or do I need to repaint them using this new template?

YES! They can be used. If you have existing templates that you downloaded or created yourself, you can use them on the RG model. You will only lose some minor details on the exterior and on the panel of the external model (not the VC panel) and none of this is a big issue at all.

Cardinal Graphic

In addition to the template above, some of you may want this Cardinal graphic, to use on the tail or where ever you wish. Simply right click on the image and "Save Picture As" to where you wish on your computer. You can then cut out the bird from the white background, re-size, and use with your livery. This graphic is originally in vinyl, and appears on the tail of a Cardinal parked a few spaces down from "84 Charlie". 45 kb


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