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In the 2D cockpit and interior, you'll see almost exactly what 7 Charlie Mike's owner, Charles Queen, sees when he flies his favorite airplane. The 2D interior is essentially 100% photo realistic, with no hand drawing or rendering to be seen. While we've taken the liberty of upgrading our version of Mr. Queen's 310 with more sophisticated avionics and autopilot, you can still see some of the original gear in one of the 2D interior views. Otherwise, avionics and autopilot aside, you'll get a virtual version of the real N137CM.

As with all DreamFleet products for FS2002, 7 Charlie Mike will feature a complete and comprehensive 2D interior. Featured are 3 main panels: Left, Right, and Landing (a reduced height version of the Left main panel). For convenience we have also included over a dozen panel windows, which contain various gauges. Such items as the radio stack, GPS, throttle and trim quadrants, fuel selector panel, and others, also appear in their own panels windows, making them easy to place where you need them. We have even created an empty panel window, accessible by keystroke for any 3rd party add-on you may wish to use with the panel.

If the above is not enough, 7 Charlie Mike also features a complete 2D interior, familiar to many of you from our 737, Piper Archer, and Cessna Cardinal products. DreamFleet was the first to introduce an aircraft that featured both a complete 3D virtual interior and 2D photo realistic interior.

Shown below is the panel in it's "authentic gauge arrangement" style, the way gauges were often placed on an instrument panel in 1967, and how 7CM appears in real life. We also offer an alternate panel / gauge arrangement which will feature a standard T-configuration for the primary flight instruments, along with a "colorful" artificial horizon.

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