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The 310's paint scheme is the same as that appearing on the real N137CM, a 1967 310"L" owned by Charles Queen. Needless to say, both the paint and interior appearing on the real 7 Charlie Mike are of recent vintage, and are not the originals the aircraft shipped with. Rarely will you see a paint job and interior hold up for over 30 years, especially when the aircraft is parked outside.

The 310 features all the expected moving parts and features that one would find in the best Gmax® models, and we've included some others: Moving sun visors, opening wing lockers, and retractable landing lights.

The aircraft model, of course, features the ever-popular "reflections", a trade mark of Gmax® designed aircraft, but we have kept these reflections to a realistic level. 7 Charlie Mike, while sporting an almost new paint shceme, is not a flying piece of "chrome".

Many of the textures on the model are from original photographs, and the majority of skin lines and rivets are faithfully reproduced.

If you're looking for a top-rear fuselage window on this 310, don't! This window did not appear until later in the production run of the 310"Q" model.

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All screen shots are LOW RESOLUTION for fast loading. As such, image quality will not be the same as what you will see in Flight Simulator.

Charlie Mike will come with two paint schemes. The authentic two-tone blue paint scheme appearing on the real aircraft is shown below, while the alternate paint scheme, in two-tone green, and without the Biblical reference on the tail is shown above. Using Text-o-Matic, and our provided template, users will be able to create any paint scheme they desire for the Cessna 310!






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