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Building for the future...

A virtual interior for FS2002 and "A Century of Flight"

With each new product, DreamFleet increases the quality of the virtual cockpit / cabin, via the addition of more 3d polygons, and higher resolution textures. This allows these virtual interiors to keep up the with newer and faster computers. However, we always hold back on what could be done out of respect for those customers who may not have the newest and fastest machines. Ultimately, we are always able to do far more than even the fastest machines available today can handle. Thus, such virtual interiors are always a compromise between resolution and detail, and the average computer's ability to handle such.

With the Cessna 310, we have followed this philosophy, and we think you will find the interior of the 310 to be the finest we have produced to-date; one that will not only serve well for FS2002, but for the next version of FS: "A Century of Flight" (aka FS2004).

The majority of the interior textures are 100% photo realistic, and the instrument panel itself will be 100% photo realistic. We use very little hand drawing or rendering, and as much as possible comes from high resolution digital photographs.


Animated Flight Case: Simply press a key to open your flight case!


Close up of a portion of the Cessna 310's 3D Virtual panel

NOTE: Photos below show the virtual panel with the authentic gauge arrangement of N137CM. An optional panel arrangement will provide for a modern "T" arrangement of the primary flight instruments, including a newer and "colorful" artificial horizon.

All gauges and switches that appear on the 2D instrument panels appear on the Virtual Instrument panel, and will be fully "clickable" in the next version of Flight SImulator!

All screen shots are LOW RESOLUTION for fast loading. As such, image quality will not be the same as what you will see in Flight Simulator.

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Photo Coming Soon!
Photo Coming Soon!



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