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The flight simulation add-on industry, like the market for these products itself, is a small one. Founded in November, 1999, DreamFleet (AKA DreamFleet 2000), like similar development groups is a small, dedicated team of individuals living throughout the world, and working from their respective home offices. There's no large corporate headquarters, receptionist, or mail room!

DreamFleet's founder, Louis Betti has been an aviator since 1974. He has both Instrument and Multi-engine ratings, and owns a 1980 Piper Dakota.

Unlike some development groups, we do not stand alone, and instead work closely with the publisher of our products, Flight One Software. Together DreamFleet and Flight One form a team of their own, in an effort to bring the best possible products to the flight simulation market.

Our products, currently limited to compatibility with Microsoft® Flight Simulator, are designed for entertainment purposes only, and are not intended for flight training. However, there are those who may argue that point with us, as we continue to push the boundaries between simulation and reality.

Without these fine individuals, none of what we do would be possible. Our compliments and thanks go to the team at:





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