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Important Information & Support Forum Rules
By adhering to and respecting these forum rules you will allow the DreamFleet Support Forums to remain in an "open" posting environment, and not one where messages are screened by moderators before being posted.

Important Information

Before posting a question at our Support Forums, you should first visit the DreamFleet FAQ Forums (Frequently Asked Questions), to see if your answer is there. These are a "read only" forums, where many commonly asked questions are answered. You can perform a search there, just like any other forum. DreamFleet members will NOT answer any questions at our support forum if they are already addressed at our FAQ forum, in our product manuals, or have already been addressed by us in previous forum posts.

Click here for the DreamFleet General Aviation FAQ forum

Click here for the DreamFleet 727 FAQ forum

In addition to our FAQ forum, our publisher, Flight One Software, also hosts a support forum, and you may feel free to post a question there, if you cannot obtain an answer from the DreamFleet FAQ or Support forums. Some customers will post the same question at both the DreamFleet and Flight One forums, in hopes of obtaining a speedy answer, and this is perfectly acceptable, as our intent is to provide you with the highest quality of product support practical.

Click here for the Flight One Product Support forum


DreamFleet Support Forum Rules and Guidelines

The DreamFleet support forums are intended for technical support of DreamFleet products. The forum will be visited by members of DreamFleet Staff when possible, but Flight 1 Support Professionals, DreamFleet Beta Testers, and those customers with appropriate knowledge and experience with our products may also feel free to answer questions or give advice.

It must be understood that this forum is a private forum, overseen by moderators. The right to "free speech" does not apply here, and never will. The support forums cannot be used as your personal "soap box". This forum is an extension of our "home", and as such certain standards of conduct and behavior are expected and will be enforced.

While it is not our specific intent to censor, the use of foul language, the making of comments that can be construed as defamatory, libelous, slanderous or inflammatory, or comments that, for whatever reason DreamFleet deems valid, are inappropriate, will either be locked, removed or sent to the "archive" at our discretion, and without explanation.

Those who abuse our forum may, at our sole discretion, be banned from the forum and prohibited from posting.

Please also note the following, as the posting of questions concerning these topics will most likely result in no answers being provided by DreamFleet Staff Members, and the possible deletion of your post.

Do not promote or mention your products or other developer's products in your posts, whether Freeware or Payware: This is the DreamFleet forum, and our group is well aware of what other developers / publishers are doing. If you wish to promote your work, or the work of other developers, please do this at either their forums, or flight simulation forums of a more general nature. Posts that promote, display photos of, or even mention other developer's products in any fashion are subject to being removed.

Do not expect a fast response from DreamFleet over the weekend or on holidays: Contrary to what some believe, the flight simulator add-on industry is a small one. Developers and publishers such as DreamFleet and Flight One Software are NOT large companies, with large staffs. While we do endeavor to answer questions as quickly as possible, we do reserve weekends for some time off, and less frequent forum visits. Our support is not 24 hours a day, seven day a week.

Do not ask us to provide release dates for our future products: Such dates remain confidential until immediately prior to release. At times we may elect to provide a general time frame for release, but doing such is solely at our discretion. Ultimately, our products are released "when they are ready", and not according to a strict time frame or schedule.

Do not ask us to provide progress updates on specific products, or screen shots of the same, either through the forum or on our web site: We will provide these as we deem necessary. In many cases our work remains "confidential", and we often prefer not to share certain details concerning it in public. Do not assume that because we are not promoting or talking about a product that it is not being produced. You may want to see what we are working on, but for valid reasons we may not wish to show it yet.

Do not ask us to speculate or comment on potential future products: When we have decided upon a new project to embark on, we will announce it, and responses to any such queries are strictly at our discretion. However, you may feel free to make suggestions concerning future products. In addition, the fact that we may announce a future product is NOT a guarantee or promise that the product will be released. A product may be "shelved" or canceled completely due to market conditions or other factors.

Do not post support questions to any particular DreamFleet member: Questions should be posted to the forum "in general". Failure to follow this may only delay a response to your question.

Locked Threads: When we have locked a thread, this means we do not wish continued discussion on the topic contained in that thread. Any subsequent post that either questions our locking of the thread, or brings the subject up again will be deleted or locked at our discretion.

These rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice.

DreamFleet feels that these rules and guidelines are both fair and considerate to us and to our customers, and far better than moving to a true moderated forum, where messages are screened before posting. By following these rules and guidelines you will help ensure that the DreamFleet forum remains a relatively open forum, and we would also like to believe a "friendly" place to visit.

Thank you for your cooperation.