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A new, expanded product, now featuring the "Super 727"!
The FIRST FS add-on aircraft to feature Reality XP® Color Weather Radar as standard equipment

FlightSim.com Award Winner

Short Haul Airliner Product of the Year
PC PILOT Magazine - 5 Stars
"DreamFleet wears the crown when it comes to classic airliners for FS2004"
Download the 727 Preview Video here (38.4 mb)
"DF has hit a home run! This thing flies more like a real 727 than  anything I have ever seen outside of an airline simulator, and I’ll tell  you a little secret, at the airline we once had at least one really old 727  simulator that did not fly as well as this!"
 Anthony Vallillo - 767 captain and former 727 captain for a major US carrier
 Born from the roots of one of the first aircraft that started the "Jet Age" of passenger air transportation, the Boeing 707, the 727 was Boeing's medium range alternative. With high-lift wings, and a unique 3-engine tail mounted configuration, she featured a quiet cabin, short runway capability, and became an instant hit with the airlines. She would go on to become a best seller.

Indeed, the 727 would become the best selling commercial passenger jet aircraft of all time, eventually losing the title to her younger cousin, the Boeing 737, an aircraft that holds the title to this day.

Designed at a time when pilots, not computers flew airplanes, the 727 is a true pilot's airplane. Built like a tank, and easy to fly, you'll get out of her what your skills put into her. The 727 won't second guess you, or take over from you. She's an honest airplane that only asks for an honest, competent pilot at the controls.

With the 727 you will have a basic autopilot and Flight Director System to assist you, and that is it. There's no Flight Management Computer, no Auto Throttle system, no "LNAV" or "VNAV" and certainly no Autoland capability. You must really know how to fly a plane in order to fly the 727, as there is little else to do it for you. Fortunately, we've added a couple of enhancements, such as an optional EFIS system and moving map GPS, but neither of those will fly the plane for you. The yoke, along with the rest of the ship is in your hands!

Over three years in development, our virtual version of the venerable 727 was created by a talented development team of Flight Simulation enthusiasts. Individuals who love aviation, and who wanted to bring this historic aircraft to life for all to fly in Microsoft® Flight Simulator.

We hope you enjoy your visit here as you discover our virtual 727, and perhaps leave with one to park in your own hangar. Of course, it will not spend much time there, as once you fly the 727 you'll be putting the same amount of hours on her as the real airlines do!

Copyright © 2000-2006 By Louis J. Betti & DreamFleet 2000, all rights reserved.

Here are some interesting links about the 727. It's history, performance, and many other things you would like to know.

727 Background

727 History

727 "Firsts"

727 Technical Data

For -200 Series
Length: 153' 2"
Wingspan: 108'
Gross taxi Weight: 191,000 to 210,000 lb.
Power: P&W JT8D
Cruise Speed: 570 to 605 mph
Cruise Altitude: 30,000 to 40,000'
Range: 1,500 to 2,500 miles
In Alphabetical Order
• Rui Cristina
Master Aircraft Textures
• Ron Freimuth
Flight Dynamics
• Paul Golding
Project Manager, panel design, aircraft liveries and VC textures.
• Mike Hambly
Sound Design
• Nick Jacobs
Programming and aircraft liveries.
• Tom Main
Config-o-Matic and Text-o-Matic programming
• Hamilton Muller
DreamFleet's resident 727 captain, and lead pilot consultant.
• Paul Springthorpe
Aircraft and Virtual Cockpit model design, 727 pilot consultant.
• Ingo Voigt
Writer, Aircraft Operations Manual
• Stan Winke
727 Technician and consultant. Digital photographs.
• Beta Team
Our sincere thanks to the dozens of individuals who contributed to testing the 727!