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Reality XP Flightline T Gauges with TrueGauge XP Technology


Reality XP sets new standards with TrueGauge XP!

You think smooth 3D gauges in a virtual cockpit sets the bar? Think again!

A Clear Advance in Technology

Reality XP invested in research and development to pioneer the advanced True Display XPô vector drawing API which drives the display symbol generator and gives our EFIS products their superior display accuracy level, vivid color, smooth and precise elements and needles movements. Introduced in 2003 and never surpassed with competing GDI+ based products, True Display XPô has been welcomed with rave reviews from the press and customers. In short, this is the most extraordinary technology to fully recreate not only the look-and-fell of actual CRT/LCD based EFIS systems, but it also is so precise that for the first time, you can hand-fly the F/D (Flight Director) and ILS approaches better than with any PC based simulation.

Reality XP sets new standards again in 2005!

TrueGauge XP is the leading technology from Reality XP exclusively engineered for simulation of mechanical gauges. With our proven track record of offering the highest standards in simulation Reality XP sets the bar again with mechanical gauges simulation.

Because gauge simulation is not just displaying bitmaps that look like a gauge, but because it is also about operational procedures and mechanical constraints, TrueGauge XP achieves the highest simulation fidelity available on the Desktop PC, unsurpassed by any other desktop simulators.

Created from photographs provided by DreamFleet, the KI256 ADI and KI525 HSI premier in DreamFleet's Beech Baron 58

A technical brief about gauges in Flight Simulator

Two technologies exist today to build gauges in Flight Simulator: using the Flight Simulator SDK for the 2D and the 3D panel, and using 3D modeled gauges and needles for the 3D panel only.

With the SDK, gauges are made of bitmaps, stacked upon each other. Some bitmaps can be rotated and others can be translated. An ADI rotating card for example is a bitmap rotating around a center with the bank angle. With the 3D modeled gauges, a needle is a polygon with a texture and rotates with the bank angle as well. Both approaches have strong limitations.

The SDK approach limits the practical precision of the gauge because the bitmaps rotates only to the precision of 1 degree, and translate only to the precision of 1 pixel on the screen. With this in mind, a SDK based ADI rotating card will jump from degree to degree while the bank angle changes, and the pitch card will shift up or down only on a per pixel precision. For most gauges the pitch precision is about 3 degrees of pitch only.

The limitation of 1 degree rotation precision is also a strong inhibitor to the usefulness of HSI gauges in Flight Simulator. The 3D modeled gauge approach is better than the SDK based approach for the smoothness and precision of the rotation and translation, because the displayed gauge elements are actual 3D polygons rendered by the video card. However, this approach is only available for the Virtual Cockpit panel.

Reality XP's solutions: A new area in simulation

TrueGauge XP is a technology offering the same level of accuracy, smoothness and precision of the 3D modeled gauge approach, while allowing the gauge to be rendered in both the Virtual Cockpit, the 2D panel, a popup window or a second monitor!

Reality XP's unique expertise brings a new dimension to traditional gauges in offering the smoothest gauges on the market today, as well as the most realistic simulation of the internal mechanical bearings and parts making a mechanical gauge.

TrueGauge XP also sets new standards visually with carefully crafted highlights, shadows and details. With this new technology, the gauge elements are smoothly blended for the best graphics. It is virtually like having an animated multi layered Photoshop photo in real time!

Engineered with the leading edge development best practices in graphics animation, TrueGauge XP renders faster, better and more precisely than any other SDK based gauge for the best simulation experience.

For the first time, you will be able to fly an approach with your instruments to the same level of accuracy and precision you would find with real gauges!

Beyond Gauge Simulation: What makes Reality XP Solutions so unique?

Beyond what the Flight Simulator SDK (Software Development Kit) permits, our solutions are designed to offer a faithful and complete simulation of real avionics, and a best-in-class user experience with innovative and advanced user interfaces and feature sets.

Because Gauge Simulation is more than look and feel, and is also about integration with other Avionics in the panel, Reality XP developed unmatched technologies to connect and interface its solutions to any other Flight Simulator gauge and aircraft.

Development Best Practices

Reality XP Solutions are carefully engineered with a leading edge professional development team at the forefront of software and computer graphics technologies. Building upon the latest software development best practices in C++, our products are offering the most complete feature set of their class in the market and the unmatched performance and reliability our customers demand.

Reality XP - The Avionics Simulation Company

Reality XP is one of the leading provider of Avionics Simulators and Solutions for the general and business aviation training market. Reality XP provides leading edge training and simulation solutions for consumers, professionals and businesses. As a training provider, Reality XP builds on its leading edge technology, expertise and partnerships to assist businesses and individuals for their training needs, and to offer computer-based product familiarization and training programs.


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