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Where do I go for help?

You have three choices for product support, and we kindly suggest that you use them in this order:

1. Product Manual: We have learned over the years that over 90% of support questions can be answered by referring to your product's instruction manual. Referring to your manual will almost always save you time, and will solve your problem quickly.

2. DreamFleet On Line FAQ Forums: (Frequently Asked Questions): If you cannot find the answer in your manual, then visit the DreamFleet FAQ forums. At these read-only forums you will find answers to many commonly asked questions. The DreamFleet FAQ can also be searched using key words. Click the appropriate link below for the DreamFleet FAQ you require.

DreamFleet FAQ for General Aviation Products & 737

DreamFleet FAQ for 727

3. Product Support Forums: DreamFleet and Flight 1 Software offer several public support forums. While anyone can read the messages at these forums, you will need to register first if you wish to post a question. The available forums are listed below.

DreamFleet Product Support Forums

727 Product Support Forum

General Aviation Product Support Forum

737-400 Product Support Forum

DreamFleet General Discussion Forum (No support at this forum)

4. Flight 1 Support Forums: This forum can be used for all Flight 1 and DreamFleet products, and should be used exclusively for those Flight 1 products that DreamFleet participated in the development of, such as the Flight 1 Cessna 152 and Flight 1 Cessna 421. This forum is NOT for the Flight 1 ATR.

Flight 1 Support Forum

Flight 1 ATR Support Forum: This forum is exclusively for the Flight 1 ATR. All questions concerning the Flight 1 ATR must be posted at this forum.

Flight 1 ATR Support Forum

Who provides support at these forums?

Your questions can be answered by one or more of the following individuals.

Members of the product's development team.

Flight 1 Certified Professionals. These are experienced product users and testers certified by Flight 1 Software to answer your questions. They all sign their names with a banner similar to the one shown below.

Other users of the product. Individuals just like yourself, who are experienced with the product are often able to provide you with the answer you need.







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